The adoption of TrackPoint’s patented technologies will address any trucking fleets’ requirement to monitor and analyze its assets to improve safety, security, efficiency and productivity. TrackPoint Systems Trailer Tracking will assist any fleet in improving its processes by reducing wasted motion and making its trailer fleet easier to manage.

TrackPoint Systems will provide any fleet with positive ROI by eliminating unnecessary runs to get trailers that have moved or are not ready for transport; by recovering lost or stolen assets; and ultimately by allowing a fleet to reduce the size of its trailer fleet by using its assets more efficiently.

Why Trailer Tracking from TrackPoint Systems?Fleet Tracking System

TrackPoint Systems is focused on solving one of the biggest challenges in transportation and logistics: asset management. We are passionate advocates for the use of technology and information to save money, improve service, and solve fundamental problems in your business. We pursue these goals by combining leading-edge technology, innovative engineering, and experienced personnel to manufacture and produce the best information to help a fleet owner to make the best decision for their customers, shareholders, employees and their business.

Trailer Tracking Solutions from TrackPoint Assists Companies in Five Main Areas

Increase Revenue per Asset

Many businesses are stronger today because of the new revenue sources they have created with information and technology. TrackPoint Systems will help identify and capture critical information by:

  • Allowing a fleet to validate its real service, and providing information that allows improvements in operational efficiency.
  • Providing fleets a cost-effective, fully integrated electronic data record of their assets’ activities that will help to improve utilization and lower costs.
  • Providing accurate data to avoid disputes with customers and drivers.
  • Alerting fleets to missed schedules and late departures that will help prepare for sensitive deliveries

GPS Trailer Tracking Reduces CostsGPS Trailer Tracking Reduces Costs

TrackPoint Systems will provide fleets information that will assist them in reducing their costs by:

  • Eliminating the problem of lost equipment
  • Providing dispatch valuable information on trailer capacity to assist in proper equipment utilization, and in claims prevention and investigation
  • Providing a fleet dispatch better utilization tools that will enable you to reduce rental leased equipment and/or the overall size of your trailer fleet
  • Fuel savings will occur as a result in drivers not being dispatched to look for empties or spotted equipment. Dispatch will know where they are located within ten feet
  • Industry statistics show that installing a trailer tracking device a fleet can expect as much as a 10% improvement in operational efficiency as well as much as a 10% decrease in their insurance premiums. This savings makes the normal return on the investment for trailer tracking to be less than one year in most cases.

Improve Quality with Trailer Tracking Systems

TrackPoint Systems will provide fleet information that will assist their company in identifying ways to improve their quality processes by:

  • Providing real-time visibility of their trailers, whether they are on power or dropped in remote locations
  • Improving the quality of a driver’s trip, by eliminating unnecessary dispatches to find trailers
  • Improving response times to customers

Improve Compliance

TrackPoint Systems will make it easier for those charged with asset management and utilization to achieve compliance by:

  • Eliminating wasted dispatch while improving work flow, allowing more time for real work and less time taken from on-duty hours
  • Providing Idle Equipment reports that will assist your team in maintaining proper maintenance on your trailer assets

Enhance Driver Recruiting and Retention

All drivers want top pay and they want to maximize their time in the truck.

  • TrackPoint Systems will allow a fleet to know where a trailer is not was. This will assist in driver productivity.
  • Trailer tracking can help a fleet to identify equipment needing maintenance before it is dispatched. This will help the driver.
  • Trailer tracking with sensory real-time data capability will help improve trailer turns by advising when trailers are full or empty.
  • Trailer tracking keeps a fleet from wasting fleet’s dollars and the driver’s time locating usable equipment.

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