Receiving critical sensory data about your trailers has never been easier. TrackPoint’s Tr/IPSNET™ sensors communicate wirelessly with the Tr/IPS™ MCU, meaning no holes drilled and no wires run in your trailers.

Temperature Sensor in GPS Tracking System

Temperature Sensor

The Tr/IPSNET™ temperature sensor measures temperature inside a refrigerated compartment. The self-contained wireless sensor can be placed in any location in the refrigerated compartment, and a sensor can be installed in each compartment of a multi-compartment reefer.

The sensor measures temperature in the compartment every minute, and can be configured for your specific requirements to automatically send messages at regular intervals. In addition, the sensor can send alert messages when the temperature varies by a configurable amount.

  • Measurement frequency: 1 minute
  • Automated reporting interval: Configurable, from 15 min – 24 hours
  • Temperature variance reporting: Configurable, as tight as ±5°F
  • Temperature measurement range: -15°F to +160°F (-25°C to +70°C)
  • Battery life: 2-5 years, depending on configuration
  • Measurement accuracy: ±2°F over the operating range, typical
  • Installation: Peel-and-stick or screw-mount

Cargo Tracking Sensor, Fleet GPS Tracking

Cargo Tracking Sensor

The Tr/IPSNET™ cargo sensor uses ultrasound technology to detect objects in the nose of the trailer. The sensor detects the presence of objects in the nose of the trailer, and sends messages based on transitions between Full and Empty, as well as configurable levels between full and empty. Multiple sensors can be placed in the trailer for LTL or similar applications. The sensor is self-calibrating to allow for installations in a wide variety of trailer configurations.
The cargo sensor features advanced algorithms to prevent false load transition messages. The sensor determines the load status every 15 minutes, and confirms the measurement after 5 minutes if a change in status is detected. Additionally, the sensor will only determine load status if the trailer is not in motion to eliminate measurement errors. Measurement pattern: ~8 foot diameter at the trailer floor Measurement frequency: 15 minutes Confirmation period: 5 minutes Operating temperature range: 32F to +160°F (0°C to +70°C) Battery life: ~3 years Installation: Peel-and-stick or screw-mount.

  • Measurement pattern: ~8 foot diameter at the trailer floor
  • Measurement frequency: 15 minutes
  • Confirmation period: 5 minutes
  • Operating temperature range: 32F to +160°F (0°C to +70&degC)
  • Battery life: ~3 years
  • Installation: Peel-and-stick or screw-mount

Vehicle Door Sensor, Trailer Tracking System

Door Sensor

The Tr/IPSNET™ door sensor uses a magnetic sensor to determine when the trailer doors are opened or closed. With each instance, the sensor sends a wireless message to the Tr/IPS™ MCU mounted on the trailer, which then adds the standard GPS date, time, location, and device status, and sends the message to the CONNECT™ web application.

  • Measurement frequency: Instantaneous
  • Measurement distance: Make/break at < ¾”
  • Operating temperature range: -15°F to +160°F (-25°C to +70°C)
  • Battery life: ~3 years
  • Installation: Peel-and-stick or screw-mount to trailer door and inside wall

Tank Level Monitoring, Tank Tracker, Trailer Tracking

Tank Tracker

Integrity of what you picked up and delivered. A wireless level sensor in each compartment communicates with a single Tr/IPS™ Solar MCU and allows you to know where your assets are located as well as information about rapid changes in the fluid level relayed within minutes. E-mail and text alerts are also available.

  • UL913 Intrinsically Safe Certified for usage with combustible liquids
  • Ultrasound measurement removes the need for custom equipment for each tank
  • Simple installation in 2″ NPT threaded fittings
  • Motion detection algorithms guard against false readings from slosh
  • Software-configurable with tank dimensions to allow true capacity calculations
  • Data and graphical presentations available 24/7
Vehicle Tank Tracker, Trailer Tracking Devices

Fuel Tank Tracker, Fleet Tracking

Wireless Reefer Fuel Sensor

The TrackPoint Systems Wireless Reefer Fuel Sensor enables a fleet to remotely monitor the fuel capacity of their reefer fuel tanks. The wireless 3 float flexible sensor installs in the ½ inch male NPT threaded opening in the reefer fuel tank and the battery operated wireless transmitter mounts under the trailer near the reefer tank.
The sensor reports its information through the Tr/IPS™ Solar Powered Master Control Unit mounted on the roof top of the trailer and provides alerts at 90%, 50% and 10% fuel levels. The sensor is capable to transmit immediate alerts in the case of rapid loss situations to a smartphone or email address. All other normal our web portal. This device is designed to assist fleets in protecting their refrigerated cargo from spoilage. The device is extremely rugged and durable and can be installed within minutes.