Information Technology is Streamlining operations

Streamlining Operations, TrackPoint SystemsImproving processes and reducing wasted motion are just one area among many opportunities to improve processes, simplify transactions and focus on your bottom line.

Making the supply chain easier to use Inefficiencies are everywhere in transportation. It’s a complex industry, and one that has often been slow to move away from old habits. Paper logs, human yard checks, drivers lined up at pay phones, dispatchers saying call back in an hour, drivers sitting for hours waiting on loads.

Our Role

At TrackPoint Systems we’re applying technology to put the right information at the fingertips of those who need it to support the choices they make every day. For example, we’re using technology to:

  • Maximize asset utilization.
  • Provide critical information quickly, efficiently, without leaving your home, car, or location, with web-based services that automatically puts you in charge.
  • Wireless data feeds for temperature readings – dispute resolution – claims reduction – integrity validation.
  • Paying employees to find company assets, sends the wrong message, to your team, and your customers.
  • Improve your image and reduce your cost, a winning combination.

See all the ways we can streamline your organization’s operations.