Information Technology is Reducing Cost

Helping reduce cost with wireless asset management

At TrackPoint Systems, we know Asset Management — using information and technology to reduce cost and waste. For example, TrackPoint Systems helps reduce cost and waste by:
TrackPoint Systems helps reduce cost and waste, GPS Tracking Systems

  • The Yard Check – Location feature allows a conventional yard check to be executed at the click of a button.
  • The Yard Check – Location report provides you what you need, when you need it, automatically.
  • Reducing fuel when drivers are dispatched to find missing assets
  • Information at your finger tips rapidly identifies errors, and opens opportunities with customers
  • Integrating real-time records into your business improves cash flow and margins
  • Documented detention
  • Billable fuel surcharge when you measure actual fuel used in your reefer tank
  • Know the temperature of your unit while in transit or while dropped at your yard, or your shippers’ yard.
  • Reducing cost, by improving utilization, reducing fuel, saving time, eliminating wasteful search and rescue missions for lost and misplaced equipment
  • Improving your process, improving safely, with technology – and cost-saving intervention
  • Paying drivers to find your trailers, sends the wrong message, to your drivers, dispatchers, and customers.
  • Improve your image and reduce your cost, a winning combination

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