Information Technology is Improving Quality

Improving quality helps retain drivers, employees and customers

Assuring better and more consistent outcomes At TrackPoint Systems, we help the industry apply evidence-based data at the right time and in the right place, when decisions need to be made, to achieve better outcomes for everyone at a lower cost. For example, we make it possible for decision makers to:

  • See their assets when under power or when dropped in remote locations.
  • Eliminate unnecessary search and rescue missions for missing or lost assets
  • Improve the quality of a drivers trip, by eliminating unnecessary dispatches to find trailers
  • Improve response times to customers
  • Lower scores, eliminate fines, reduce down time, improve CSA scores
  • Be in control, know where their assets are
  • Drivers time = improved quality with the right information
  • Dispatchers time = improved performance with the right information
  • Satisfied customers = improved bottom line performance for everyone

Learn how we can help your organization improve quality.