TrackPoint Systems, a leading provider of asset management hardware and custom-engineered software solutions, announced today it has received final approval from the United States Patent Office on its TrIPSTM all-wireless solar-powered asset tracking device and system.

The patented TrIPSTM device is a standalone device comprising a cellular transceiver, GPS receiver, rechargeable battery, wireless sensor transceiver, and a solar panel in a single package. Intended for installation on trailers, shipping containers, and other mobile assets, TrIPSTM allows TrackPoint’s customers to receive rich, real-time data about its assets without ever cutting holes or running cables between devices.

“This patent further establishes TrackPoint as the industry leader in designing and developing truly innovative products for untethered asset tracking,” said Ben Schnitz, Chief Technology Officer for TrackPoint. “We are seeing the trend among fleets is too push for more actionable data transmitted more quickly. The wireless sensor network inherent in TrIPSTM allows TrackPoint to quickly develop new sensor technologies for its customers, and allows our customers to continue to benefit with simple installations and low cost of implementation.”

The TrIPSTM system includes wireless sensors for cargo detection, door open/close, refrigerated trailer temperature and fuel-level monitoring, tanker fuel monitoring, tire inflation system monitoring, and more.

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