Use the TrIPSNET™ TankTrack™ sensor to reduce risk, improve processes, and save money in your fueling operations. With TankTrack™, there is never a need to climb on top of a tanker and stick the tank to get fuel level.  TankTrack™ provides assurance that compartments are completely empty after a fuel dump, eliminating the possibility of mixing different fuel grades, and can send alerts directly to the driver if fuel is left in a compartment.

The TrIPSNET™ TankTrack™ wireless sensor installs easily in a 2″ NPT threaded opening in each tank compartment or hatch.  Each TrIPS™ Solar MCU can handle nearly unlimited number of sensors, meaning that only one MCU needs to be installed per tanker.  Standard brackets for mounting the TrIPS™Solar MCU are available for both tanker and pneumatic trailers.

 TrIPS™ Solar MCU


  • Improve risk management – never climb on the tank to measure fuel level
  • Improve accuracy compared to the stick measurement
  • Prevent bucket drains and product shrinkage
  • Ensure compliance with fuel depot requirements
  • Receive instant alerts of level changes loss after-hours


The TrIPSNET™ TankTrack™ wireless sensor is a patented, UL913 Intrinsically-Safe Certified sensor for usage with liquids or bulk–including unleaded gasoline.  The ultrasonic sensor eliminates the need for custom equipment for each compartment and for a fragile stick-type sensor in the tank.

Tank Level Monitoring

  •  Software-configurable tank dimensions to allow true capacity calculations
  • Tracks all fill and discharge events, with fuel level transmitted at the end of the event
  • Integral accelerometer and motion detection algorithms guard against false readings from slosh