Reefer operators don’t just have to ensure their load gets to the destination on time—they also must ensure the cargo is at the right temperature through the trip, and that it will stay that way until it is unloaded. Our Reefer Fuel and Temperature Sensors help you ensure food is at the proper temperature and the reefer has enough fuel to operate properly. The Door/Temp combo sensor provides time- and location-stamped audit trails of reefer temperature each time the door is opened or closed, eliminating the need for manual entry.

The TrIPS™ Solar Master Control Unit is the ideal solution for GPS tracking and temperature sensing for refrigerated trailers.  The solar MCU installs quickly on top of the trailer without connecting to the reefer battery, meaning it doesn’t drain any power from the reefer when the trailer is untethered. The internal wireless sensor network allows for simple installation and powerful data with the TrIPSNET™ wireless sensors.
TrIPS™ Solar Master Control Unit


  • Link GPS position, temperature, and door status in a single application
  • Automatically collect temperature data–even with multiple compartments, and even when untethered
  • Develop standard operating procedures for regulatory compliance
  • Provide complete chain-of-custody reporting for temperature-controlled goods
  • Decrease risk of insurance claims for lost cargo due to reefer failure


The TrIPSNET™ Wireless Temperature Sensor provides accurate and simple recording of refrigerated compartment temperature. The self-contained wireless sensor can be installed in the air return for the most accurate temperature measurements, or placed inside multiple temperature-controlled zones for multi-compartment reefers.

TrIPSNET™ Wireless Temperature Sensor

  • Measures temperature once per minute
  • Sends status reports at configurable intervals if temperature is within the configured zone, 
  • Sends immediate alerts if temperature changes rapidly or goes outside the configured zone
  • Wide operating range of -15°F to +160°F (-25°C to +70°C)
  • Typical accuracy of ±2°F over the operating range
  • Battery life up to 5 years

The TrIPSNET™ Wireless Reefer Fuel Sensor is a revolutionary sensor for tracking fuel level in the reefer tank.  The float-style sensor is designed to install in the 1/2″ NPT threaded opening for the roll-over vent, and includes a fitting to replace the roll-over vent.  Constructed of flexible plastic, the sensor bends to easily install  without having to drop the tank–saving significant time and money during installation and eliminating the need to replace the tank straps.

  • Provides alerTrIPSNET™ Wireless Reefer Fuel Sensorts at 10%, 50%, and 90% tank capacity
  • Sends status reports at configurable intervals if fuel level has not changed
  • Integral accelerometer guards against slosh error
  • Wide operating range of -15°F to +160°F (-25°C to +70°C)
  • Battery life up to 5 years
  • IP67-rated enclosure and rugged metal-braided cable for installation under the trailer



The TrIPSNET™ Wireless Door/Temp Sensor combines the functionality of the TrIPSNET™door sensor with the TrIPSNET™temperature sensor to provide temperature readings every time the trailer doors open and close.

  • Eliminates thTrIPSNET™ Wireless Door/Temp Sensore need for drivers to measure and record temperature manually
  • Records compartment and cargo temperature at each stop
  • Alerts if temperature goes out of range in-between stops
  • Provides for a full audit trail–ideal for food delivery or LTL