Fleet Tracking System

Tri-Nations Express is a coast to coast transportation company out of Pharr Texas. They take pride in delivering the safest, most reliable transportation services available. Their promise to all customers is safe and on time delivery, which wouldn’t be possible without TrackPoint System’s unique solar powered tracking system. Their fleet of trailers are hauled primarily by owner-operators, which typically limits the type of tracking system that be installed on a trailer. TrackPoint’s uniqueness is perfect for this application because of its self-contained design. It requires no connections to the tractor or trailer, no outside power source or wiring. This is all possible due to its solar recharging design, 10 year battery life, and thousands of location reports per month. Tri-Nations is able to have precise, real-time location information which keeps their freight safe and on schedule.

Prior to using TrackPoint’s tracking unit, the G3 – Master Control Unit, Tri-Nations had 3 trailers stolen and unrecoverable. Since the installation of the G3-MCU, they have recovered all of their trailers.

Trailers stolen 3
Average cost – $20,000 each
Preventative savings of at least $60,000 and counting

Due to the reliability of their tracking systems and reduced risk, their insurance company has given them a 5% discount on their premiums.

A savings of $6,500 per year.

Don says, “it is difficult to calculate all of the hard dollars that are associated with the system.” He’s been able to build rapport with his customers and brokers by being on time and more reliable. He is able to plan his loads more efficiently, improve fleet utilization, haul more loads, enhance customer service, and even catch drivers “borrowing” trailers. All-in-all Don says TrackPoint Systems has provided a way for one person to manage a whole fleet and the tools to know where every trailer is all the time.