Getting our customers valuable information, to the right place, at the right time requires a unique set of strengths.

We have built TrackPoint Systems to deliver the information and technology needs that are unique to Asset Management:

  • TrackPoint Systems designs and manufactures all our products–we are not resellers of “me-too” technology
  • TrackPoint Systems design and develops all our firmware and software to operate hand-in-hand with each other
  • Our products are designed and manufactured in the United States with manufacturing facilities in Iowa, California, and Tennessee

When you talk to us, you are talking to the people who have developed this system from the ground-up and will proudly stand behind our products and services.

A Message from the President of TrackPoint Systems

Dear Customers,

Thank you for considering TrackPoint Systems for your asset management needs. You will find that our approach is simple…we are focused on you, the customer. This philosophy is what makes us stand apart from our competitors and is the driving force behind our success. We succeed because our clients succeed. In fact, we thrive on your success. You will find that everyone at TrackPoint Systems goes that extra mile to exceed your expectations. As a relatively small company, we take servicing our customers seriously and have the flexibility to be creative in meeting our customers’ needs. That’s what makes our efforts worthwhile and keeps our customers coming back. As you browse through our website, I want to leave you with my unwavering pledge that, at TrackPoint Systems, we are committed to delivering quality products and providing service you can depend on.

Alan Smith
President & CEO
TrackPoint Systems, LLC


Management Team


Alan Smith, Track Point Systems President and CEOAlan Smith-President and CEO Alan started his commercial experience in the trucking business with Consolidated Freightways and from there moved on to Yellow Freight Systems, and then later to Ryder Truck Lines (PIE Nationwide). At PIE, Alan was the Vice President of National Accounts and the Vice President of International Sales and Marketing covering all of the Fortune 500 corporate accounts in the United States, all international traffic for the European countries as well as Canada, South America, and the Pacific rim countries. Alan started working for Comdata Corporation in 1991 as the Vice President of Sales and then Sr. Vice President Comdata Receivables Financing, Comdata Logistics/Load-Matcher, and Comdata Canada.. In 1999, Alan launched Total Transportation Logistics, a transportation and logistics brokerage company. Alan served as President of TTL until 2007, at which point he served as the Sr. Vice President of Bay and Bay Transportation Services until joining TrackPoint in 2011. Alan has served on the Board of Directors for the American Trucking Association, Tennessee Trucking Association, the Truckload Carriers Association, and the ATA Logistics Council.



Ben Schnitz, TrackPoint Systems Chief Technology OfficerBen Schnitz-Chief Technology Officer As a founder and CTO, Mr. Schnitz oversees all product development for TrackPoint’s patented and award-winning Tr/IPS™ product lines.






Brett Jackson-Vice President of Sales and Marketing A member of Senior Management and product expert, understands client and market demands. Clearly communicates analysis to development team to enhance existing and future products and services. Brett is a member of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association.





Terry Lewis, TrackPoint Systems Director of SalesTerry Lewis-Director of Sales Mr. Lewis oversees and directs the sales and marketing efforts of TrackPoint Systems. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the transportation industry where he has held executive level positions in both sales management and operations.




Advisory Board

Blakely C. Page, TrackPoint Systems Senior AdvisorBlakely C. Page is a Senior Advisor to Rubicon Global. Currently, Page is a Managing Partner in Spouting Rock Capital Advisors where he oversees his family office, investing in and overseeing a series of private equity and marketable securities investments. Page previously worked at Morgan Stanley, Thomas Weisel Partners, Susquehanna Financial and Banc of America Securities. Page received his Bachelor of Arts from Southern Methodist University and is a graduate from The Lawrenceville School.




Arthur B. Laffer, TrackPoint Systems AdvisorArthur B. Laffer is the founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, an institutional economic research and consulting firm, as well as Laffer Investments, an institutional investment management firm utilizing diverse investment strategies. Laffer Associates’ research focuses on the interconnecting macroeconomic, political and demographic changes affecting global financial markets. Laffer Investments’ investment management strategies utilize some of the economic principles and models pioneered by Dr. Laffer, as well as other unique offerings managed by the firm’s portfolio management group. The firms provide research and investment management services to a diverse group of clients, which includes institutions, pension funds, corporations, endowments, foundations, individuals and others.

Dr. Laffer’s economic acumen and influence in triggering a world-wide tax-cutting movement in the 1980s have earned him the distinction in many publications as “The Father of Supply-Side Economics.” One of his earliest successes in shaping public policy was his involvement in Proposition 13, the groundbreaking California initiative that drastically cut property taxes in the state in 1978. Dr. Laffer was a member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board for both of his two terms (1981-1989). He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Reagan/Bush Finance Committee in 1984 and was a founding member of the Reagan Executive Advisory Committee for the presidential race of 1980. He also advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on fiscal policy in the U.K. during the 1980s. He was formerly the Distinguished University Professor at Pepperdine University and a member of the Pepperdine Board of Directors. He also held the status as the Charles B. Thornton Professor of Business Economics at the University of Southern California from 1976 to 1984.

He was an Associate Professor of Business Economics at the University of Chicago from 1970 to 1976 and a member of the Chicago faculty from 1967 through 1976. During the years 1972 to 1977, Dr. Laffer was a consultant to Secretary of the Treasury William Simon, Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld, and Secretary of the Treasury George Shultz. He was the first to hold the title of Chief Economist at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under Mr. Shultz from October 1970 to July 1972. Dr. Laffer has been widely acknowledged for his economic achievements. He was noted in Time Magazine’s March 29, 1999 cover story “The Century’s Greatest Minds” for inventing the Laffer Curve, which it deemed one of “a few of the advances that powered this extraordinary century”. He was listed in “A Dozen Who Shaped the ’80s,” in the Los Angeles Times on Jan. 1, 1990, and in “A Gallery of the Greatest People Who Influenced Our Daily Business,” in the Wall Street Journal on June 23, 1989. His creation of the Laffer Curve was deemed a “memorable event” in financial history by the Institutional Investor in its July 1992 Silver Anniversary issue, “The Heroes, Villains, Triumphs, Failures and Other Memorable Events.”



Crom Carmichael, TrackPoint Systems AdvisorCrom Carmichael is a native of South Bend, Indiana and a 1971 graduate of Vanderbilt University. He now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the last 10 years Crom has funded and participated in the founding of over a dozen companies in a variety of high tech industries. Crom currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Nashai Biotech. In addition to his business career, Crom has been an active political commentator in the Nashville media market for the past twenty years. From 1989 to 1996, Crom wrote a bi-monthly column for The Nashville Tennessean, opposing the paper’s editorial positions. From 1990 to 1992, he provided regular commentaries on the NBC local affiliate in Nashville, WSMV-TV’s 6:00 p.m. news telecast, The Scene at 6. Crom also brought his views on local and national issues to the Nashville airwaves between 1985 and 1994, as a regular commentator on Teddy Bart’s “Round Table,” a morning radio talk show.



Benjamin H. Gray, TrackPoint Systems AdvisorBenjamin H. Gray is the principal in GrayCroft Properties, a family investment partnership. He has been active in the private equity and venture capital business in Nashville, TN. Mr. Gray’s career in finance began in 1973 as an officer in the corporate banking division of Chemical Bank, New York. In 1987 he joined Massey Burch Investment Group in Nashville as a partner where he was active in the firm’s venture capital activities in the Southeast. He left Massey Burch in 1999 and ran the southeastern marketing efforts for TBG Financial, a California based executive benefits consulting firm, until 2006 when he resumed his private equity investing interests. Today he is an active investor and financial advisor for early stage businesses.



David Gibbs, TrackPoint Systems AdvisorDavid Gibbs serves as Chairman and co-founder of E|SPACES, Inc., the innovative office as a service for mobile, connected professionals in Nashville, TN. He is also the owner and former Vice Chairman of Alacrity Services LLC, a leading insurance claim services network provider, Genesis Solutions Design LLC, a technology solutions design and consulting business; and Mazama Sporting Goods, an outfitter and retail supply business catering to hunting and fishing enthusiasts located in Eugene, OR. He is also the principal of consultancy The West Bridge Group, which provides consulting and legal services in risk management, property casualty insurance and litigation strategy.

He is a graduate of the University of Richmond and the Emory University School of Law. He is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honor society, the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, Life Member of Safari Club International (2009 North American Major Award Recipient), Life Member of the National Rifle Association and member of Dallas Safari Club, and he is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Tennessee.