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GPS Tracking
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Tr/IPS™ Master Control Unit

The Tr/IPS™ MCU is the core component of the system, comprising the GSM/GPRS transmitter, GPS receiver, Local Wireless Network transceiver, internal battery, and solar panel in a single integrated package.
Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer Tracking Features

  • GSM/GPRS cellular communication, with seamless roaming in Mexico and Canada, allows for hundreds of messages transmitted per month at extremely low cost
  • True 12-channel GPS allows the MCU to change its behavior based on location
  • Local Wireless Network and proprietary wireless protocol provides communication with Tr/IPSNET sensors including Cargo, Door, Temperature, Reefer Fuel, and more.
  • Internal battery provides weeks or months of operation with no solar recharging, depending on configuration
  • Integrated solar panel allows for simple peel-and-stick installation to aluminum or composite-roofed trailers or other assets
  • Change operating modes and update firmware over-the-air
  • Ping device for current location and status, with response typically within minutes
GPS Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer Tracking

Standard Operating Modes

Alarm mode
configure up to three daily messages at regular times

Periodic mode
configure the MCU to send messages at regular intervals, as fast as once per minute

Geofencing mode
configure the MCU to send messages if it moves from its current location, or when it arrives at a certain location
Alternate Configurations
   - Hardwired to J560 or other DC source for flatbed or reefer installations
   - Slide-in bracket for quick change between trailers
   - Standard and custom brackets for flatbed or reefer installations


    Tr/IPS GPS Trailer Tracking System