TrackPoint’s TrIPS™ system has redefined the capabilities of untethered trailer tracking. The solar-recharged TrIPS™ Master Control Unit installs in less than 15 minutes, and lasts for 10 years without replacing batteries—no matter how many messages are sent, and without ever connecting to vehicle power. Our patented TrIPSNET™ wireless sensors provide rich sensor data without cutting holes or running wires in trailers. Don’t compromise when selecting a trailer tracking system—with TrIPS™, the ease-of-use of a traditional asset tag and the valuable sensor data of a hardwired system are combined in a single system that still provides the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Dry Van Solutions

Whether your fleet is long-haul or in-town delivery, the TrIPS™ Solar MCU paired with the TrIPSNET™ Cargo and Door sensors provides best-in-class visibility of asset location, movement, and status.

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Refrigerated Trailer Solutions

Reefer and food delivery fleets have unique challenges in ensuring the safety of the cargo. In addition to the rich tracking features that TrIPS™ Solar MCU provides, our sensors provide valuable data about food temperature, reefer engine fuel level, and door position.

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Tanker Solutions

TrackPoint’s TankTrack™ tank sensor is perfect for both fuel tankers and pneumatic trailers. When combined with the TrIPS™ Solar MCU, tank levels can be tracked in real-time—even for multi-compartment tanks, and even when the trailer is dropped.

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Other Equipment

The rugged TrIPS™ Solar MCU can be deployed in a variety of configurations on any type of equipment that can benefit from untethered asset tracking. Intermodal containers, flatbeds, construction equipment…you name it, we’ve tracked it.

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